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Glimpse of Roblox or роблокс

What? Game to make games? I’m sure you initially was confused by what I say about this Roblox. ROBLOX created by Roblox Corporation which is game sandbox creator which allows you to create many games as you want through Roblox Builder Kit or Roblox Studio that is simple and easy for you to learn.

Additionally Roblox also provides Create & Share feature that allow you and thousands of other players to share game contents that you have created to can be played any other roblox player around the world.

Roblox Sign Up

1. To register on roblox games, first go to

2. Here the sign up form, just fill in:

roblox sign up

3. Do roblox login on

4. Click on ‘Settings’ gear icon on the right corner of your browser

roblox sign up 2

On ‘Account Info’ tab you need add and verify your parent email address

roblox sign up 3

In addition, you can add your social media profiles like facebook, twitter, Google+, youtube, etc.

5. Now, you can download roblox games and Enjoy Play!

    Roblox Login
    Roblox Login
    After you do roblox sign up, a
    Roblox Windowed Mode
    Roblox Windowed Mode
    One of the most age-old questions when
    When Was Roblox Made
    When Was Roblox Made
    To some, Roblox may be a tad
    When Was Roblox Created
    When Was Roblox Created
    In the Roblox games, you can create
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